Presentations of Musical-Theatrical Forms “Sounds of Words” Festival

The Centre for Culture in Lublin is a municipal cultural institution. The aims of its activity are stimulation of open artistic and educational initiatives on various levels, as well as culture promotion.
The Centre's main artistic objectives are preparation and presentation of artistic projects, workshops' organization: examining and developing the modes of artistic expression, providing conditions and giving possibilities for authors and different culture circles to integrate.
The Centre for Culture in Lublin is a very “open” and “dynamic” institution in the way it prepares the events’ offer and gathers new audience.

Lublin, administrative centre of the voivodship and the capital of the Lublin Region, and home to 365 thousand inhabitants, is the biggest town in Eastern Poland. The location of the town atop loessial rolling hills of the Lublin Upland in the valley of the Bystrzyca and its tributaries is one of its assets.
The city is the hub of bustling cultural life, with different events held annually, and attracting a wide audience. The Night of Culture, "Codes" Festival of Traditional and Avantgarde Music, "Theatre Confrontations", the International Dance Theatre Festival, the 'Magicians' Carnival, the Jagiellonian Fair, or the "East of Culture" - Different Sounds Art'n'Music Festival to name but a few are Lublin's flagship festive events whose prestige has been constantly growing.

So far...(2014-2017)

Dźwięki Słów 2014
Dźwięki Słów 2014
Dźwięki Słów 2014
Dźwięki Słów 2014